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Smoke on Friday.

New track, Smoke, is out June 28th

Our new song, Smoke is out on Friday 28th June.

It's another track from 'Placeford' and another story about someone from that town. In writing the collection, I made an effort to try and spin positively whenever we were telling a story, give a little redemption, create some reasonably happy endings. Smoke is the exception.

Edward is left alone. You might think that he doesn't deserve the situation finally unloaded upon him and, in fairness, it does seem like a potentially disproportionate final act. The thing is, I'm pretty sure he's also done a tonne of other stuff not even covered by the song*. Seriously, he's awful.

Shame about the dogs, though.

You can hear the song here and on all the usual places, Friday 28th.

*Actually, if you sign-up to our mailing list, I'll send you the demo version with some extra verses of Edward awfulness that were cut for brevity.