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Hello, from Hello Midlands

Hello Midlands make melodic, wonky pop songs which focus on the everyday but feel around beneath the surface -
there’s a pocket but what’s in it?
Hello, what’s that beneath the wallpaper?

The Midlands is in the middle of the UK, landlocked, its own place in between everything. There’s no overarching identity; everything is open and possible. This is an important influence on the feeling of the songs. There’s magic - it’s urban but it still sparkles. It could be anywhere but the details are specific.

They write their songs in collections exploring a theme. Funeral planning, computers, being outdoors - and then there’s their new album, which looks at the lives of a series of characters in a Midlands town a bit like the one that they’re from. 

Hello Midlands love melody and combine vocal harmonies with acoustic and electronic instruments. 

Most of all, Hello Midlands want to move you and make you remember their tunes.