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Sleepless (but mostly jetlagged) in Seattle.

It's not just a clever title.
We're in Seattle (don't ask).

In between sleeping, foraging for food and feeling underdressed for the weather, we've been trying to tell people about Martin. This has been a mixed experience, ranging from pitching to playlists who come back with occasionally confusing responses..

"We want indie-folk or indie-rock, and you've sent me a song that's a bit psychedelic folk. Also, the whistling is too loud. " putting the track forward to blogs and sites.

Whilst the playlist pitching is an ego-crushing, pinball game of regularly bouncing off other peoples' tastes, we've had more success with the blogs...

Trust the Doc review AND airplay

It's hard getting things heard, so we're INCREDIBLY grateful for the support of the awesome Neil March and his kind words about Martin.

Firstly, we were lucky enough to be featured in his Monthly round-up of new independent music . If you're not checking this out every month, you should be. Neil brings an exhaustive, eclectic and surprising range of tracks to his google doc for your consideration and delight. (Why don't more people use google docs to publish stuff like this...?)

Here's what he said about us!

I don’t always subscribe to the idea of ‘Lo-Fi Charm’ as being a thing but Nottingham’s Hello Midlands get away with just that on Martin. Even though there are one or two very minor timing issues, this eloquent piece of Indie-Folk is adorned with such loving melody and utterly gorgeous vocal harmonies that it is impossible not be sucked in. The lyrics are a lovely tribute too. The backdrop of strummed, picks acoustic guitars and regular bass drum beat is sufficient to carry this gorgeous track that is so full of dynamic contrasts and little surprises. An earthy but gratefully unearthed gem.

Not only that... But we're also getting played on his ExileFM radio show this Saturday from 17:00 GMT. Listen in here! DO IT!

Not the rabbits

We also had a lovely review from the folks at Independent Sounds .

Across these songs, the vocals remind me at times of Leonard Cohen, and at other of Bright Eyes. 

No, not that one (sadly).


As mentioned, we're in Seattle briefly.
Fighting through a haze of jetlag, I've done a very small amount of early morning exploring.

The University of Washington Campus is beautiful. As my travelling companion noted, 'it looks like the beginning of the Social Network'. Yeah, true. Although for me, from some angles it can look like one of those weird institutes from a Cronenberg movie.

It does have some excellent trees.

I used to worked in the museum sector so was especially interested to visit this place. Over at the Museum of Popular Culture (which is awesome), we saw this hand. THAT hand.

Not back to the UK for another week or so, but planning to continue pushing Martin to places and working on the next Placeford release, which we think is going to be a song called 'on and on'.

Other notes...

More soon.
Travel safe, friends.

HM x