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Adventures in playlist pitching (cont)

Away from home, but we've been making an effort to pitch Martin to a lot of playlists the last week and can report that it's been a largely useless effort. Not all lost though! Whilst we didn't get added to any curated lists, we did learn lots about the extremities of human subjectivity.

We're not sharing these comments to be any kind of 'dick', this is just a sharing gesture to indicate some of the fun that we've had trying to usefully interpret them..

"..While it's clear that your music is well-crafted, I'm afraid that its dark vibe doesn't quite align..."
"...your music does not fit with our editorial line because we are looking for Indie folk or indie rock, and you have sent me a song that is a bit psychedelic folk, the whistle is too loud, the guitar is fine although the rhythm is a bit simple, I prefer simpler acoustic, with less echo in the voices..."
"..the mix of this song could have been more refined..."
"..the track we feel is not as current and modern as we would like .."
"..One perhaps a little too far into popular territory for us.."
"..the talky kind of singing is not a great fit for my playlist and for that reason I'm passing..."

What have we learned? Honestly, I'm not 100% sure.
I think this is a subject we'll return to.

We have been lucky enough to have some more radio plays!

The excellent Trust the Doc on Exile FM (Saturdays, 5pm GMT)

and the Songbird Sessions on Islington FM with Del Osei-Owusu

Both shows are fantastic mixes of awesome new music and we're really excited to be included in the line-up!

One date, one poster.

Backstage at a venue in the states they'd hung a huge collection of really beautiful, single-gig posters along their corridors. I don't know who the artits are so I'm afraid I can't credit them here, but here's some shots of my favourites that I managed to grab.

Long haul from downtown

As I write this, we're about to leave the US and head back to the altogether more realistic climate of the British Midlands. Before dashing to LAX today, I had a walk around downtown for an hour. It's as easy to take a wrong turn there and feel like you've ended up somewhere scary as it is to encounter a man on a street corner playing a trumpet.

Downtown LA Mar 18 2024 IS

Back to work on the new stuff this week, planning to drop a new single in the next fortnight - On and On.

Until then, to everyone waiting for four hours in departures,
travel safe fellow travellers.

HM x