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Admin EP

Grief? Sure! But mostly spreadsheets and van hire.

Four songs about saying goodbye.

Admin EP by Hello Midlands, Cover Art

You can hear it on most platforms, but here's the Spotify link.

This collection of songs is all about saying 'goodbye', which is a radio-friendly way of saying they're all about death.

Kind of...

Actually, they're about the processes and procedures that kick-in the moment that a parent dies.
Sure, grief - but also spreadsheets and van hire.

The four songs flow in a loose chronology...

Nothing New is about a particular kind of waiting room.

Unaccustomed as I am is about trying to write a speech that you're only ever going to make once.

These mistakes are mine is the reckoner. Partly to others, but mostly to yourself.

This House is the long player. The place is all went down.

There's also a coda to the collection on the b-side of 'This House'. Her Hearing isn't what it used to be, follows the resident of the house onto a different kind of home.