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Where You Are


lyrics & notes

Where You Are

He’s been staring at the empty map for almost an hour.
she promised that he’d get in touch the second that she landed
Maybe the battery ran down?
It was a long flight.
That’d do it.
he almost sheds a tear when the blue dot reappears
On the road that brings her home
Finally he won’t be alone tonight
It’s been too long.
Close your eyes
Count to ten
In a moment
We can play again
If it’s Here or there.
Near. Or far.
No hiding now
Everything knows where you are.
He said that it’s okay for you to hang out in the park
Just keep your phone turned on and be back before its dark
He only wants to know exactly who you’re with and precisely what you’re doing.
He can see right where you’re going he can see where you’ve just been.
He can see you’re by the trees because the pixels are all coloured green.
He can see from his desk it’s a lovely day outside.
Here or there.
Near. Or far.
Cause I care
He wants to know where you are
He wants to watch where you are
They’ve been watching everybody moving all of the time
Everywhere that everyone goes
Thats partly how they all got to know
Where you’re going
They make a pretty good guess
Where you’re going next
And what you’re going to do when you’re there
And what you want to buy when you’re there.
And when you’re coming home.
Here or there.
Near. Or far.
To maintain their market share
They want to know where you are
They know exactly where you are.
Let’s all play a game of hide and seek,
But only do the first part.
Don’t make a sound.
I’m going to ground.
I don’t want to be found.

Music & Lyrics by Hello Midlands