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Probably be Okay




lyrics & notes

It's a long walk back to the car.

We’re like a trillion miles from home
And no-one’s got a mobile phone
And though we’re following the path
We’re off the edges of the map
And with the patience wearing thin
We’re all struggling to grin
I don’t care what you say
Nobody believes you when you claim that you can see the car from here.
And then you’d take my hand and smile
Then look at me say
It’ll probably be okay.
And my muscles start to burn
Seems we never ever learn
We’re so far from the line and the clouds are coming down
And as the daylight starts to fade
We can argue ‘bout the turnings that we made
Though I’d never say to your face I know I’m lucky just to be up here with you
And we’ve never climbed this high before
We’ve never walked this far before
And la la la la we don’t know where we are
And la la la la we’ve eaten all the food
And la la la la we’re going to die today

Music & Lyrics by Hello Midlands