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Cold Hard Ground




lyrics & notes

There were things you thought you knew
that always would be true
like grown ups never lie
and there's something in the sky
now you know what it's all about
we meant no harm, but you found out
took your doubts and lay them out upon the cold hard ground
Way back when you were new
he did everything with you
he promised that he’d care for you and love you every day
Now I’m wrapped up warm, and summer’s passed.
You’re not running quite as fast
you were side by side until the last,
When you lay down upon the cold hard ground.
it's time for you to say
This might not end okay
you did the miles you made the thing
but noone seems to care
you can lick your wounds and wish you’d known
Before you spent your seeds all sown
And discovered nothing could be grown
Upon the cold hard ground.
the air is getting thin
and the nights are drawing in
and this winter shows no mercy biting down upon your skin
who'd have dreamed your life would be so cheap
in every lonely tear you weep
as you try to settle down to sleep
Upon the cold hard ground
You can tell he’s not okay
But he’d never ever say.
And you tell yourself you know him
Lying beside him as he sleeps
Something happened years ago
That he can’t ever let you know
The secrets that he buried deep below
the cold hard ground.
it don't care about your money
don't care about your fame
don't care about your reasons
don\t care who's to blame
it's lonely.
so lonely.
you said i have to learn
that the good times will return
we're stood inside the promise of a garden in the sun
let's build our home upon this land.
and break the surface with our hands
and build our love's foundations in the cold hard ground
I’m not nearly through
There’s so much more to do with you
You know I want to see
Everything that you will be
I know there’s time left in our song
But know of us know quite how long
But I’ll listen to you when I’m gone
beneath the cold hard ground.
it's lonely.
so lonely.

Music & Lyrics by Hello Midlands